Art, Life and Nature as One — A Thirty-Year Survey

Samuel C.-T. Hoi, Dean, Corcoran School of Art, Washington, D. C.
Kit-Keung Kan’s Ink Painting, 1965-1995, Hsiung Shih Art Books Co, Ltd, Taiwan, 1995

This survey firmly establishes Kan as an important landscape artiest with fierce intellect and enlightened soul. His artistic quest and philosophical insight are ever deepening. His latest works are graced by an embracing attitude towards nature and life attained in many noted artists’ mature works.

Kan’s perception of nature and journey in art find their roots in his personal experiences and life philosophy. A most revealing aspect in a chronological presentation is the extent to which his physical locale, psychological state, spiritual development and philosophical reflections influence his artistic approach and subject matter. Kan’s technical bravura alone would make him an impressive painter. However, it is his gift to achieve great personal and human exploration and growth through art that makes him a painter of profound humanity and rare distinction, and a man who succeeds in being one with nature, art and life.